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      先后六届中国-西欧国家海洋合作论坛通知 China-Southeast Asian Countries Marine Cooperration Forum
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      China and the Southeast Asian countries are located in the convergent zone of thePacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Andaman Sea, and South China Sea. The economy of these countries is largely sea-related, such as fisheries and tourism, and even the regional agriculture also depends on the precipitation brought by marine monsoon. Extreme synoptic or climatic events sometime may cause huge loss to these countries. With the rapid development of economy, this area is facingmany common problems, including marine environmental change, destruction of marine ecosystems, pollution of sea water, coral reef bleaching, degradation of mangrove, coastal erosion, and so on. To effectively solve the above problemsand mitigate the resulted damage, China and the Southeast Asian countries must cooperate on ocean observation/monitoring, marine forecasting, early warning ofmarine disasters, marine environment protection and management, sustainable exploitation of marine resources, development and innovation of marinetechnologies, etc.


      To strengthen the cooperation among China and the Southeast Asian countries on marine science and technology, totally 5 China-Southeast Asian Countries MarineCooperation Forums have been organized during the past five years. The 1st Forum was held in Bali, Indonesia in November 2013, the 2nd Forum was inPhuket, Thailand in November 2014, the 3rd in Qingdao, China in November 2015,and the 4th in Siem Reap, Cambodia in December 2016, and the latest one washeld in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in December 2017. The outcomes of the Forums have positively promoted the regional marine cooperation and many cooperative project proposals were developed through discussion among Forum participants.


      SixthChina-Southeast Asian Countries Marine Cooperation Forum will be held inBeihai, China on 16-17 November 2018.

      Parallel Sessions

      1Ocean Observation, forecasting andServices  

      2Marine Biodiversity and EcosystemHealth  

      3Innovation of Marine S&T andBlue Economy  

      4Marine industry development investment and financing



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